Give Your Team The Training They Need

Technology has become an integral piece of most businesses, including those in the legal profession.

With all that technology, it's important that your team is trained the same way, every time, on how to use it. Better training results in better productivity for your firm.

Better productivity translates to:

  • Loyalty among the clients
  • Better word-of-mouth referrals
  • Increased revenue

Productivity requires efficiency and speed, and that is where technology comes in. Hundreds of applications can increase productivity several folds over, but you need the right ones for your business.

On the other hand, most of your clients expect you to be proficient with some of the tech they use. It can affect interactions and the overall relationship with the client if there's a disparity. This training can give your firm a competitive advantage.

Training for the Future

Legal briefs and case laws are the bee's knees of the legal profession, and so is technology. Competency in any scope of legal work relies on some basic understanding of the standard technologies. Without it, successful completion of the legal work is unassured.

Bringing the technology skills of your firm to par requires the desire and commitment to learn and drive productivity to new levels. Besides, Model Rules of Professional Conduct (ABA) requires you to keep updated on more than just the case law.

We create comprehensive and managed technology solutions customized to the needs of your firm. We design and implement flexible, sustainable, and future-proof solutions that result in consistent and exceptional performance. Our help improves your legal staff's experience, consistency, and competency for better productivity and revenue generation.

Our training covers:

  • Office 365
  • General technology tasks
  • Case management software such as Clio Manage

With Office 365, the firm benefits through better workflow and functionality. Team members and individuals coordinate legal tasks and share documents or data to expedite a particular case. Office 365 tools support collaboration on tasks and projects and make it easy to conduct online meetings with colleagues and clients.

The success of any law firm partly hinges on the management and the safe and efficient storage of documents. Office 365 helps store critical documents and files and tracks any alterations and sharing. Since lawyers need to move and work from different locations, they need technology that allows access to their work or documents, and so Office 365 supports remote working.

Clio Manage and similar case management software minimizes the paperwork, automates tasks, and eliminates redundancies. Your staff can focus on the meat on the bone to achieve efficiency and productivity. The software also helps with compliance, so you can take the guesswork out of the decisions.

Let us help with your technology training

Our experience in legal technology and management training stretches over several years. That means we're best suited to help your legal department or law office achieve excellence in operations.

Our dedicated and helpful training experts can quickly level up the firm-wide knowledge and skills to make you competitive in your field of practice. Leverage our experiential understanding of the current legal workforce to establish and maintain an edge over the competition.

If technology training sounds like something your law firm needs, fill out our contact form to request a free consultation.

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