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Starting a new law firm can be overwhelming. There's a lot of hard work and preparation that's involved before launching. For example, while you analyze the market, other technical things such as your website domain, email system, CRM system, and data storage hardware need to be figured out, especially because these are the things that will help you manage the firm.

At Legal Cloud Technology, we can help with all these services and more. Here's how you can benefit from our start-up firm services.

Setting Up Your Domain

When you have a well-established brand that speaks for you, you're more likely to attain more clients. This is because a brand represents its services. And part of creating an authoritative and professional brand is picking and setting up your domain in a way that is secure for all your internet users. It also involves submitting your domain name to search engines such as Google to crawl and index in order for potential clients to find you easily. At Legal Cloud Technology, this is part of what we can help you do.

Email System Setup (Office 365 or Google Workspace)

A professional firm does everything professionally, including using email systems that represent you as an expert in your field. Legal Cloud Technology can help you integrate your firm domain name and your email provider name to have one email address you can use when communicating with clients. This will help you be easily recognizable and prevent scammers from contacting your clients pretending to be you.

Legal Cloud Technology can also help you set up tools such as online storage, shared calendars, and video conferencing for your team members, which will make working together quite easy. Forget traditional methods and say hello to new email systems.

Hardware and Data Storage Needs Consultation

As you run your new firm, you'll realize there's a need to have a solid partner to help you with your hardware and data storage needs. We can be that partner. We can help you with multiple solutions such as storage area networks, office and remote data networks, and disaster recovery systems.

Storing your data efficiently allows you to access it at any time, which makes making informed decisions based on historical data quite easy.

CRM System Configuration

We can help you set up a customer relationship management (CRM) system capable of adopting out-of-the-box functionalities that can assist you reach your start-up goals. We will consider several factors when configuring your CRM system.

This includes your buyer's journey, client acquisition process, and tools to be used to automate manual processes. We will also migrate your client's information, add custom fields, and set permissions accordingly.

A well configured CRM will help you understand your clients better enabling you to capitalize on improved relations.

Case Management System Configuration

Having a management case system in place will help you manage data relationships, documents, and processes needed in a case, for example, investigations and incidents that need to be resolved.

Such a system makes it easy to maneuver through work by reducing complexities and challenges. It also boosts productivity and increases the chances of making an informed decision. At Legal Cloud Technology, we can help you set up such a system.

Do you need a Helping Hand with your Firm Start-Up?

Getting every part of the firm ready as soon as you launch the business will enable you to serve your clients seamlessly. It will make your workflow easy to follow, which in return will allow you to deliver quality services to your clients.

At Legal Cloud Technology, we are here to make this a reality. We can help you every step of the way with our one-stop configuration services. Contact us today and request a free consultation.

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