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Migrating to the cloud involves moving applications, data, and other business elements to the cloud environment. These elements may be residing on your on-site server or data center. There are various advantages of moving to the cloud. Some of them include:

  • It enables faster provisioning of resources.
  • You accelerate the delivery of services to your clients.
  • It helps in accelerating your firm's digital transformation.
  • You cut costs while enhancing your convenience and quality of work.
  • You get the ability to scale applications when your business needs change.
  • Redundancy and the ability to work in remote locations

Legal Cloud Technology can help you adopt a cloud architecture and move your applications to the cloud. We have a team of qualified IT experts that will guide you through the process and ensure that business operations are not slowed during the migration.

We can also move your resources from one cloud provider to another if you decide to change. Our team moves everything from on-site servers to cloud, from items email servers from an in-house server to platforms like Office 365, to entire front and back-end applications.

How Do We Go About Cloud Migration?

We have a comprehensive cloud migration checklist to ensure that your applications and data are sound during and after migration. Here is our basic process.

  1. Assess the existing infrastructure and applications on-premises.
  2. Map the data dependencies, network, applications, and topology.
  3. Determine which applications work best in the cloud and select cloud service options. We also find cloud alternatives for legacy applications that cannot be moved to the cloud.
  4. Create a migration process flow along with a migration plan. We will take care of the important details such as connections to dependent apps, data replication, and account logins.
  5. Determine the most appropriate cloud environment for PaaS and IaaS legacy migration.
  6. Replicate all application images and their dependencies.
  7. Create a pilot environment to stage and test applications. We then move beta users so that we can simulate real-world conditions.
  8. Check security, compliance, and compatibility issues in the pilot environment, after which we do a full migration.

This plan may change depending on the company's workload and needs. Besides, some applications may need to stay on the enterprise server but communicate with others in the cloud environment.

Which Cloud Architecture is Right for You?

There are three cloud architecture models from which you can choose the most convenient. Here is a quick check of each.

Software as a Service (SaaS): In this architecture, your application provider will deliver and manage your application via the internet. Therefore, end-users will not need to deploy the software locally.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): In PaaS, the service provider will offer you a computing platform along with a solution stack. There can also be a middleware on which the organization can build applications and services. The end users will be in charge of the software configuration and deployment.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): This architecture allows the service provider to provide the necessary infrastructure the business needs to run in the cloud. The organization just pays for the capacity they use.

We can move you to any cloud, including private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud architecture. Each of these types has its benefits and disadvantages. Our team will look at your needs and recommend the best architecture to pick. Besides, we shall take care of other cloud components, including infrastructure, virtualization, middleware, and the same management.

Are you contemplating migrating to the cloud and unsure what path to take? Legal Cloud Technology will guide you through the process and ensure you enjoy all the benefits of migrating to the cloud. Fill out the form below today for a free consultation.

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