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A gap currently exists in the legal community: solo, small, and medium-sized law firms need new technology and knowledgeable resources  to make their firms more efficient and better able to adapt to today's ever-changing environment.  As they look for computer support, what they find all too often is that legal technology consulting firms have high rates and only support large, expensive software and hardware.  These firms are then forced to work with technology companies that do not understand the specific needs of law firms, providing sub-standard support in the best cases and creating ethics violations in the worst.

Pegeen Turner, President

Pegeen Turner, President of Legal Cloud Technology, proposes to fill this gap.  We provide IT consulting services to solo, small and medium-size law firms across the county. We help firms understand legal technology, move their firms to the cloud, start a new firm, use their existing technology better and give them the training to use it and support every step of the way.

Pegeen began her legal career working as a software trainer for a large, Raleigh law firm. She soon moved into law firm IT and worked for both big and small firms before launching Legal Cloud Technology. She understands the structure and function inside of law firms and she works to help firms use technology to their advantage. She prides herself on bridging the gap so that law firms and attorneys can understand and use the best technology for their firms.

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